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What if your plumbing goes out...How to handle day to day household needs during this pandemic

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Great Article from Home and Garden

During this time we need to be vigilant and stay at home and take extra precautions. But what happens when our refrigerator goes out or we have an unexpected water leak. We may all experience a time when we need to invite a service repair person into our homes.

We may also need assistance where we cannot complete a task and need someone to assist us.

Take the necessary precautions and find out what safe service protocols are in place for the company.

Provide access to a sink, soap, water, paper towels and a plastic bag to dispose of them so the service technician can wash their hands.

Give them space while they are in your home. Go sit outside while they are working and enjoy the sunshine. #homeloanassistance #Icantpaymyhomeloan #gethelpnow

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