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What are we spending? Great tool to track our household expenses.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Great tool from the Consumer Finance Bureau. I set up a spending tracker for my family. Tracking all receipts for one week. I am keeping my receipts in one place now which will make it easier in the future at tax time. Right now of course we are not eating out and i am seeing that my grocery bills are higher now that everyone is home and enjoying all family meals together. My home utilities and cellular bill have increased as we are home each day as my son is in home schooling. I was able to get relief from current debt payments and Ford was able to defer the payment for two months.

Looking at prior months eating out, entertaining and gas were much higher. The expense tracker is something that I will incorporate into my monthly budgeting. It is a great tool to keep aware of how much we are spending. I hope you find this helpful to you too.

Spending Tracker

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