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Prioritizing your Bills. Which ones can be paid and what are my consequences?

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Fantastic on line resource from the Consumer Protection Bureau. The Bureau provides an on line worksheet to develop your short term plan where you can list your household bills; transportation, insurance, medical, housing and credit to prioritize what is essential to pay now.

Short Term Plan

Prioritizing bills

When you can't pay all your bills on time, this tool can help you prioritize which bills to pay first and helps you think through the impact of your choices.

Note: For expenses like utilities, phone and internet, mortgages, or insurance, many providers offer flexibilities to customers facing financial strain, and many are offering additional assistance during the pandemic. Check with your service providers, including utilities, phone and internet providers, mortgage servicer's, landlords, and insurance companies. You can dial 211 and 311 to identify resources in your community.

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