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Experienced in distressed real estate, lending and loan servicing,  Cofini & Sessner have been totally focused on 

creating  a strategic and sequenced, "Getting back on Track" program.


We provide updated links to subject matter experts who are focused on assisting homeowners, renters, realtors and small business owners on getting back on track. A forum to get timely answers to key questions about what to do in a hardship.


Understanding what options are available is the first step, then getting connected to the right information and resources who will assist is critical.


We are committed to providing timely and intelligent insights, a clear path and connections to resolution and always a caring and compassionate listening on how we can help better serve.  

Money Saavy
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Affiliate Links, Please Email:

We will connect you with resources and professionals who can assist you in getting vital questions answered and getting back on track. 

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