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what if I can't make my payment?

We've gathered folks from around the country that are subject matter experts on Real Estate, Mortgage Lending, SBA Loans and Grants, Credit Card Consolidation, Landlord and Tenant Law, Legal Assistance. Here to answer your questions and provide access to resources to help you get back on track. 

Welcome To Hardship Resource Collective
resources that Won't Cost You a Dime

We are passionate about helping people in distressful situations. We knew instantly the best way for us to help was to compile valuable resources in one location. We have free resources & free and fee based online courses, designed to get you the information you need ASAP. We provide answers to key questions and insights about getting back on track.


Whether you're late on your home loan, or have questions on how to work out rent payments with your landlord, or have a small business loan need,  we have subject matter resource links here to provide up to date information so you can make informed choices. 

Shelly Cofini and Amy Sessner


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